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Round Wool And Jute Rug

During many centuries wool carpets have created warmth and comfort in homes. As the wool is a good thermal insulator, in hot weather they have kept cool in rooms and in the cold weather- warmth. Wool carpets were used by people of many cultures in different epochs: from the ancient period to the present days.

In general, carpets are made of a wide variety of both synthetic and natural materials. But rugs manufactured with natural wool are considered the highest quality and best area rugs. Natural wool, unlike synthetic materials prevent the surface of area rugs from the electrostatic accumulation, that is the healthiest effect in the microclimate of our homes.

Antique Wool Oriental Rug Extra Large Size

Wool area rugs are available in a wide range. You can find them not only with ornaments, but also there are many kinds of one-colored ones. Generally, amount of these rugs is very extensive, and you can choose them with the appropriate and desirable pattern, shape, color and other characteristics. Wool can absorb the moisture and it is also perfect to clean. It is recommended only dry cleaning of them. Wool area rugs have flame-retarding effect, are good sound and heat insulators and can avoid the accumulation of static electricity. Wool area rugs have blotting capacity of moisture in damp areas and keep warm in badly heated rooms. This is why wool area rugs are very soft and warm, and useful to walk on them by barefoot. There are accessible a lot of kinds of manufactured and hand-made wool rugs. Hand-made wool area rugs take several years or sometimes more time to knit them. They are made mostly from the wool of sheep, camels, sometimes of llamas and angora goats.

Wool area rugs are also dirt- resistant. The only disadvantage of wool area rugs is the feeling that the wool rugs climb. The owners of wool area rugs sometimes complain about this fact. We can soothe them, that this process is completely normal and natural. In fact, only weak surface fibers are dropped from the carpets. It additionally verifies naturalness of wool area rug. This process lasts for only two or three months and after you will enjoy by using them during many years.
Carpets with wool will satisfy all your requirements and can decorate interior beautifully.

Small Braided Wool Rug

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Round Yellow Braided Wool RugBeautiful Extra Large Wool Area RugBeige White Braided Wool RugSmall Braided Wool RugRed Persian Wool RugAntique Wool Oriental Rug Extra Large SizeBlue And White Indian Wool Area RugLarge Persian Wool RugRound Wool Area Rug Floral PatternsRound Wool And Jute RugSmall Wool Area Rugs Different ColorsBeautiful Colorful Wool Area RugDark Red Wool Oriental RugRed Large Wool Area RugYellow Red Wool Area Rug For Living Room

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