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If you wonder whether it is possible to wash your carpets in the washing machine, you need to take into account the material from which the product is made. Without damage of ornaments and form , it is possible to wash almost all carpets on synthetic and woolen basis with the use of sparing means.

There are such products for which this procedure is unsafe: viscose, silk, linen, handmade. These carpets need special cleaning conditions and the use of special tools.
Washable area rugs are often for specific impurities, for example, for pets, so it is recommended to use preparations neutralizing unpleasant smells and preventing their subsequent absorption during cleaning.
On which regime is it better to wash the Washable area rugs? Choose only a delicate /gentle mode. Also you can clean them manually using a rag or brush with a soapy solution. For routine cleaning, it is best to always choose a hand wash (once a month), if an unpleasant smell appears or a stain develops, then it is necessary to wash the thing immediately in the machine.

Washable area rugs are also from microfiber ,which can also be cleaned in a washing machine, but separately from other things. Do not add softening conditioners, various stain removers and bleaches or aggressive detergents. Optimal water temperature – from 40 to 60 degrees. A higher temperature will damage the fibers, and to achieve maximum disinfection, you can add a few drops of essential oils. Use powder for washing is also not recommended, it is better to stop your choice on soft cleaning capsules or special shampoos, helping to cope even with the strongest dirt.

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Any washable area rugs made of synthetic material, including anti-skid, can be washed in a washing machine in the usual mode. Before putting the product into the machine, it is recommended to soak it in warm water with the addition of the following:
• Washing powder without the effect of bleaching and flavoring;
• Household soap or any other without dyes;
• An antiseptic, for example,Dettol.
with a preliminary treatment to remove debris and particles of dirt and compliance with certain rules. Primary treatment can be carried out by vacuuming or soaking.

Washable Area Rugs With Non Slip Backing

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