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Southwestern area rugs are deemed a godsend for designers. They are characterized by symmetry, aesthetics, strength and durability. Southwestern most successfully combines value for money and dignity and by this gains its popularity among buyers in the world.

Southwestern area rugs are outstanding not only for their original design – their strength and durability have been recognized around the world for a long time. This was achieved thanks to the special peculiar Southwestern technique – used carpet weaving masters is different from other carpet weaving techniques – for example, the Persian.

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Southwestern area rugs are surprisingly diverse in form.
Also carpets of silk, produced in Southwestern are pure wool carpets, and it is also characterized by the use of plant ornaments and exquisite natural shades.

A characteristic feature of the patterns in these area rugs is no longer a vegetable, and a geometric pattern, with a complex pattern of special colors. These rugs are distinguished by a combination of exquisite colors and classic pattern, adjusted for centuries, making them modern today.
Of course, today the development of production technology could not affect the traditional Southwestern area rugs, but despite the growing of the achievements of progress and new technologies in manual carpet weaving, the mechanization of some operations, the use of modern dyes and new fur processing technologies, a whole southwestern area rug production retains its centuries-old traditions.

Such firms, in accordance with modern trends, are creating their own brands and a single production programs for producers. But it should be noted that this association caused by the time requirements, still has a great importance to the study of the history of making of southwestern area rug, the preservation of traditions and recreating ancient motifs of drawings and requirements of production technologies.

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