Shag Area Rugs

Red Shag Area Rug on The Floor

When you first hear the word “Shaggy”, you would exclaim: “What is a kind of beast?” Indeed, imagination creates something large and fluffy. But connoisseurs of home interiors know that Shaggy is not no beast, and the carpet, but also quite hairy and fluffy.

«Shaggy» means a hairy or furry. Thus, the expression shaggy area rug means “fluffy area rug with long nap”. Shaggy area rugs look quite voluminous and soft due to the size of the nap, which can reach a length of 2.5 to 7 cm.
Shag area rugs can be called a fashionable novelty in the domestic flooring market. They are chosen for its domestic premises not by a chance, as the appearance of shag area rug with a large nap suggests comfort and warmth. For someone shag area rug will be a reminder of the soft lawn, someone will call shaggy area rug as a white fluffy cloud. There is no coincidence that shag area rugs are recommended to be used in children’s rooms and bedrooms. The shaggy area rug with long nap perfectly retains heat through the air gap. Imagine, you can take a sweet sleep on shag area rug!

Blue Shag Area Rug For Living Room

People, who have decided to buy a fluffy shag area rug, usually don’t worry about the possibility of allergies. Shag area rugs are hypoallergenic flooring. However, the cleanness of such products should be carefully monitored, because in the absence of proper care, shaggy area rugs can become a repository of various dust and small debris.
Nowadays, shag area rugs are produced both by hands and by machine. Natural raw materials, synthetic or a combination of natural and synthetic pile are used to produce shaggy area rugs. You can know the type of shag area rug, by the country, where it was manufactured. India and China are considered leaders in the field of hand-made shag area rugs with large piles, while Belgium, Turkey and Egypt produce the highest amount of machine made shag area rugs.

15 Photos of the Shag Area Rugs

Gold Brown Shag Area Rug With StripesColorful Rainbow Shag Area RugGrey and White Shag Area Rug With Heart OrnamentColorful Shag Area RugBlue Shag Area Rug For Living RoomRound Smoke Beige Shag Area Rug With FlowersWhite Shag Area RugBest Shag Area Rug for Living Room in Blue and Brown ColorsLovely Shag Area Rug in Different ColorsRound Purple Shag Area RugLight Pink Round Shag Area RugDark Grey Shag Area RugRed Shag Area Rug on The FloorLarge Shag Area Rug for Big Living RoomBeautiful Black Shag Area Rug

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