Round Braided Rugs

Multicolored Round Braided Rug with fringes

Round Braided Rugs can be created by any housewife with clothes and other old things that can be used in a converted form. Only cut them into rugs, weave braids from patchwork strips and make a rug with them.

Round Braided Rugs can become a real decoration of any modern interior. It can be performed in any colored pattern. This allows you to foresee the style of your home. Such rugs can practically transform the hallway, bathroom, kitchen, make the room comfortable and elegant. Round Braided Rugs made from the brightest and joyful cloths are suitable for the children’s room. In pastel colors – for the bedroom, in muted colors – for the hallway. But, most importantly, you will get a great pleasure from  selection of color flaps and their combinations. Rugs from braids can decorate not only the floor, but also chairs, tables, stands, filling the house with favourite colors.

Pink Round Braided Rug

Making of Round Braided Rugs with your own hands is not hard. To do this, find unnecessary clothes or other textiles, then cut the fabric with long strips. Later, connect three strips, for this you can use an English pin. Weave a strip of pigtail.

If one of the bands becomes not long, sew a subsequent strip to it. It is better to sew streaks in checkerboard pattern to avoid their joints.

While creating Braided Rugs   you can use at least some forms. More common are round, oval, square and rectangular models.

Round Braided Rug with a bird pattern

But having shown little imagination,to a woven rug it can be given an arbitrary shape.

So, for a children’s room rugs, shaped like little animals or heroes of beloved toon your child are suitable.

If you need Braided Rugs for the bathroom, you can give them a pair of legs, in the kitchen – longish mats in the form of a figure-eight, incorrect geometric shapes and other noteworthy options and of course, Round Braided Rugs.

But in the bedroom you can weave a rug in the shape of a heart, and believe me, it will be a worthy decoration of the interior for the Day of Lovers.

Any shape, color and size of your rugs ,including Round Braided Rugs will be appropriate where you wish to place them. Make your own style by decorating the house with ordinary things.

12 Photos of the Round Braided Rugs

Green Round Braided RugPrinted Design Round Braided RugRound Braided Rug in the rustic roomWhite Round Braided RugMulticolored Round Braided Rug with fringesBlack and White Round Braided Rug for KitchenPink Round Braided RugBlue Round Braided RugRound Braided Rug with a beautiful girl on itRound Braided Rug in front of fireplaceRound Braided Rug with a bird pattern

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