Faux Sheepskin Rug

Grey Faux Sheepskin Rug For Bedroom
Small White Faux Sheepskin Area Rug For Living RoomFaux Sheepskin Rug Silver StraightGrey Faux Sheepskin Rug For BedroomSoft Beautiful Faux Sheepskin Rugs In Different Colors And Sizes

Due to its low cost, faux sheepskin rug has conquered most of the rug’s markets in the world. Modern manufacturing technology of artificial materials and their processing allows creating cheap but at the same time high quality rugs, that have different designs and performance qualities. Faux sheepskin rug does not have an endurance and durability of wool carpet, but it has a number of distinct advantages that made it so popular. For example, faux sheepskin […]

Outdoor Patio Rugs

Best Outdoor Rug For Pario In Modern Design
Brown Checkered Outdoor Patio Area RugSmall Braided Outdoor Patio RugColorful Outdoor Rug For PatioOutdoor Rug For Patio In Beige Color With Beautiful Ornament

On sunny summer days we try to spend more time outdoors. Balcony, terrace and patio, furnished with comfortable upholstered furniture, become a second living room, covered by grass and flowers. Outdoor patio rugs will help to create comfort in this “room.” They can make terrace or balcony more lively with bright colors, as well as to emphasize the color scheme. The variety of outdoor patio rugs today is huge. All of them are made of […]

Purple Area Rugs

Beautiful Purple Area Rug Oriental Style
Grey And Purple Area Rug With CirclesOriginal Purple Area RugWhite And Purple Area RugBeautiful Shag Purple Area Rug For Girls Room

According to well-known designers, saturated purple hue should not be used to create a background. It will look better if it is used as an accessory or accent. Overintensive usage of it will give an unnatural appearance to the interior. It is best to use neutral colors for background. A good option would be a combination of purple area rugs in the room with white background. Then it will be the main focus of the […]

Red Area Rugs

Round Red Area Rug Small Size
Oriental Red Area Rug Extra Large SizeRed Area Rug For Living Room Persian StyleModern Black, White And Red Area RugDark Blue And Bordoux Red Area Rug In Red Living Room

Red is fairly universal color, red area rugs can be combined with many other colors in your interior. Red area rugs would look great in both light and dark interiors. With the help of the red rug you can complement and diversify interiors of bright colors or minimalist and monotone ones. Do not be afraid to experiment with other area rugs, but pay attention to both the classic red area rugs, and modern ones. Saturated […]

Blue Area Rugs

Blue Area Rug With Interesting Ornament
Dark Blue Area Rug With FishesNapless Antique Blue Area RugBlue Area Rug With Beige PatternBlue Area Rug With Interesting Ornament

There are rugs that can fit in only certain interiors and create a warm and rich composition. While in the other combination they cannot be present. Delicate blue color is associated with the sky and clean water, peace and relaxation, meditation and relaxation, while a saturated blue is associated with firmness, calmness, seriousness of thought and so on. By itself, the blue is not used often as a main color of interiors, but nevertheless there […]