Modern Area Rugs

Extra Large Modern Area Rug For Huge Living Room
Green Beige Modern Area Rug With OrnamentBlack and White Modern Living Room RugModern Area Rug In Black And White ColorsExtra Large Modern Area Rug For Huge Living Room

While decorating interior of our house we can not do without flooring. Most often it is area rugs, so the rugs in the interior and have an important place. Sometimes even a small modern area rug placed beside a couch is able to instantly transform a nondescript interior into something unique and original. If you think in advance what kind of area rug to choose, you can get the house comfortable and stylish environment on […]

Shag Area Rugs

Colorful Shag Area Rug
Best Shag Area Rug for Living Room in Blue and Brown ColorsRound Purple Shag Area RugColorful Rainbow Shag Area RugLovely Shag Area Rug in Different Colors

When you first hear the word “Shaggy”, you would exclaim: “What is a kind of beast?” Indeed, imagination creates something large and fluffy. But connoisseurs of home interiors know that Shaggy is not no beast, and the carpet, but also quite hairy and fluffy. «Shaggy» means a hairy or furry. Thus, the expression shaggy area rug means “fluffy area rug with long nap”. Shaggy area rugs look quite voluminous and soft due to the size […]

Round Area Rugs

Braided Round Area Rug In Pink And Brown Colors
Colorful Round Area Rug Oriental StyleBraided Round Area Rug In Pink And Brown ColorsPersian Style Round Area RugBeautiful Colorful Round Area Rug

One of the most beloved geometric shapes is a circle or oval. Since ancient times, it was considered as a symbol of the circle of harmony and perfection, cyclical events of nature. Round area rug can serve as a decorative element, refreshing the overall design of any room. Round area rugs placed near a bed on the floor, can visually divide the room into zones, expand its space. Round area rugs in the interior will […]

8×10 Area Rugs


If it is difficult to decide what rug to choose, than choose the biggest one: as it is much easier to plug the edge of the rug under furniture, than to try to make a small rug look advantageous over a large area. Large area rugs, for example, the 8×10 area rug will perfectly cope with this task. This rug will cover almost all the space of the room and will create an additional layer, […]

Large area rugs

Huge-Living-Room-Rug in Dark Blue ColorExtra Large Living Room RugLarge Area Rug For Your Living RoomLarge-Rug-For-Living-Room

Large area rugs are extremely convenient in any house. For example, if you have a floor covering that looks bad, you can completely hide the lower part of the room with a large rug. Large area rugs are usually decorated with simple ornaments. Monotonous rugs without ornamentation are less popular. Large area rug basically is a rectangular cloth, often with rich piping along the edges and a central pattern that creates a visible contrast, that […]