Nautical Area Rugs

Nautical Area Rug

Nautical area rugs can display not only the captain or the ship’s theme, but also underwater, coastline, islands – the idea of such a romantic direction in the interior, as the sea.

Making nautical style in the interior and the style of its association is possible by nautical area rugs. The interior in nautical style is associated with the blue sea, sea foam, the bright sky, the cry of gulls, vacation, beauty, tranquility and harmony. What follows a nautical theme, as well as nautical area rugs, is enough to adhere to simple rules, techniques and do it all in a good mood.
1. The color scheme. It is predominantly blue, turquoise, blue, white. But do not choose any one color, but white is combined with any other “sea” flavor. And white color should be a lot to it by its brightness and purity muffled and brightens blue shades.
1. 2. Ornament. Sea theme – it’s blue and white stripe. Therefore, it is found in abundance in the interior in maritime style. Small and large, wide and barely visible stripes. Sea theme – it is also a wave, so the strip can be straight and winding, undulating.
2. Textiles are used natural, but from simple fabrics: nautical area rugs are made of cotton.
3. Pictures. All the things that remember you seaside resorts, are appropriate in the pictures in a marine style: shells and beautiful pebbles, starfish, dried fish, captain cap, steering wheel, trunk, studded with iron, binoculars or a telescope, corals, globe, maps, ship in a bottle.

Best Blue White Nautical Area Rug

Nautical area rugs in bathrooms in a marine style are to be fulfilled in blue and white palette. And how could it be otherwise – the bathroom is connected with water and water treatments. But the color scheme – not all possible maritime style.
• The colors and shades must be navy blue, turquoise, sand, deep blue, green, white.
• You can lay nautical area rugs of sand color on the floor. It will symbolize the warm sea sand.

Also it can be an appropriate picture in marina style, dolphin, starfish, corals and so on.

Amazing Nautical Area Rug

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  1. Corey says:

    Love these nautical area rugs that you are showing! These are beautiful and all would go great in a coastal home. The blue whale area rug is one I would absolutely get as a runner.

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