Small Area Rugs

Blue And White Small Area Rug Starfish
Red Round Small Area RugSmall Area Rug Oriental StyleBrown Small Area Rug For Elegant Living Room Rustic StyleFloral Small Area Rug For Bathroom

If you have bought a small area rug, you will realize immediately that their benefits can be seen without any endeavour. First of all, they do not require much time and effort to take […]

4×6 Area Rugs

4x6 Area Rug Persian Style
Zoo 4x6 Area Rug For Kids Room4x6 Area Rug Persian StyleBeautiful Brown 4x6 Area Rug With Floral Patterns4x6 Area Rug Oriental Style

The most acceptable way of laying the 4×6 area rugs in bedrooms is its placement in perpendicular area to the bed half way under it. This method makes maximal the useable rugs’ amount and […]

6×9 Area Rugs

Black And White 6x9 Area Rug For Living Room
Shaggy Lime Green 6x9 Area RugColorful 6 x 9 Area Rug Oriental StyleZebra 6x9 Area Rug For Modern Living RoomModern Orange White 6x9 Area Rug

To define the perfect dimensions of your rugs, there is a classic method, which considers layout of the furniture in living and non-living areas of your house. We would try to walk through rooms […]

9×12 Area Rugs

Black And White 9 x 12 Area Rug
Blue And White 9 x 12 Area RugCoral Reef 9x12 Area Rug

What applicable dimensions are for the carpets and rugs? Inasmuch as the size of the carpets, which decorate the floor of the interior are very diverse, modern manufacturers produce those dimensions of synthetic and […]

5×7 Area Rugs

5 x 7 Outdoor Rug
5 by 7 Area RugVinous Orange 5x7 Area RugBrown 5 x 7 Outdoor Rug5 x 7 Outdoor Rug

Dimensions of 5×7 area rugs are the most acceptable and applicable , when we are decorating our houses with rugs, carpets, runners or such things, because of this size is deemed one of the […]